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March 2020, Dublin: Contracts, Delay and Dispute Resolution

Join top legal and technical experts in Dublin next March

From the very outset, construction projects are complex. Choosing the right contract and understanding your obligations are the keys to success. As a project develops, delay and disruption can be costly. Analysing the cause and effect of delay is a difficult task. Getting it right is vital to avoid and resolve disputes.

Preparing Contracts for Success
With multiple parties all with competing interests, selecting a contract that works for all involved is a difficult task. As the industry moves towards increased collaboration, innovations in contracting are needed. 

Standard Forms of Contract
Increasingly, projects in Ireland are using a range of standard forms of contract.We will be comparing the standard forms most commonly seen on Irish projects. We’ll also take an in-depth look at working under NEC and JCT, explaining the risks and opportunities therein.

Dealing with Delay and Disputes
When delay occurs on a project, demonstrating cause and effect is vital to understanding liability. There are many different methods available. Despite tribunals and industry bodies offering guidance, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Tom Francis will examine how to prepare and present a delay analysis in a logical and methodological way.

Dispute Resolution
The morning concludes with a panel discussion taking a look at the themes of the day and the latest developments in dispute resolution. From avoiding disputes entirely, to choosing the right method of dispute resolution.

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