For our latest webinar focussing on Ireland, we were joined by Paul Darling OBE QC as chair. Paul chaired an interactive session with Martin Cooney of Byrne Wallace, Sarah Conroy of Beale & Co and Shane Dempsey of the Construction Industry Federation, along with Paul and Bill our directors. The session looked at some of the challenges facing Irish construction in the summer of 2020.

Shane commences with a look at practical steps the industry and federation are taking to tackle COVID and get the industry moving again. Sarah’s session examines some of the insurance risks and possible claims likely to arise out of COVID in Ireland.

Martin looked at the disputes arising out of the current scenario. His session examines the need to protect cashflow. How might adjudication provide a positive solution to help the industry keep moving during the crisis. The session finished with Bill Bordill covering practical tips on record keeping and management. How to keep records, what records to keep and where to keep them. Lawyers may look at the rules and laws, but to effectively manage disputes and tackle challenges, good records are essential.

Watch the video below for full details:

Sincere thanks to all our speakers and attendees for an interesting and lively event.