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Decipher Companies and Strategic Alliances

You may encounter a key selection of businesses and organisations within our group when working with us. The following partnerships are the organisations with which we have affiliations to help us provide the best possible range and standard of services to our clients.

Where relevant, you can follow the links below to find out more about them.

  • Decipher Consulting

    Wholly owned by Decipher, our consulting arm is focussed on delivering our commercial services and expert quantum work.

  • Decipher Programme Management

    Wholly owned by Decipher, this business is focussed on delivering our programme management and expert delay analysis work.

  • Decipher Construction Management

    Wholly owned by Decipher, the company is focussed on delivering our project and construction management work.

  • Escalate

    Decipher holds a licence to provide construction related dispute resolution services within this award winning product. Escalate provides an insurance backed product which enables an injured party to resolve disputes via litigation on a capped fee basis and without any financial outlay.

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  • Claims Class

    Decipher holds the UK and Ireland licence to provide the well established Claims Class training modules.

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  • Hewitt Decipher Partnership

    Formed from two exceptional contract, commercial, construction and claim consultancies, Hewitt Decipher provide tailored solutions for the construction and engineering sectors.

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