The use of technology on construction projects is growing. To facilitate this we are seeing real innovation in construction law. Join us on 21st March in Manchester to understand what this could mean on your projects. With leading speakers and a chance to network with industry experts and peers, this seminar is not to be missed.

Technology and Drones

Drones have been making headlines in the last couple of months for all the wrong reasons. But across the construction industry we are seeing a more positive story.

Drones are being used for site surveys, to monitor on going works on a project and even for marketing imagery.

Paul Stinson from Hovaloft will be explaining how drones can help cut time and costs. He will look at the benefits of using drones, as well as explaining risks and regulations when engaging drone technology on your projects.

Delay Analysis

Often referred to as the dark art, delay analysis can seem like complicated wizardry to the uninitiated.

When a delay occurs on a project, analysing cause and effect is vital to understanding where the liability lies. There are many different methods available. Despite Tribunals and industry bodies offering guidance there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

As with so much of the industry, technological and legal developments are changing the way we work. Tom Francis of Decipher will be presenting on the latest developments in delay analysis. But getting your analysis right is only half of the battle. Tom will examine how to demonstrate your analysis in a logical, methodical way which is acceptable to a tribunal.

Innovation in Construction Law

As the use of technology on construction projects increases, we are seeing changes to contracts and dispute resolution in law.

Hannah McCarthy of 39 Essex Chambers and Mark Christie of Clarke Willmott will be discussing the innovations and developments in construction law. What might they might mean for your projects?

As well as taking questions from the audience, some of the topics they will be discussing include:

  • Changes to contracts to deal with new technology such as drones or blockchain
  • How alternative dispute resolution is changing how we handle disputes
  • How new technology is being used in arbitration and litigation
  • What changes we may see in dispute resolution after 29th March


  • 0800 – Registration and Breakfast
  • 0830 – An introduction to the themes of the day – Bill Bordill, Decipher
  • 0840 – Technology and drones – Paul Stinson, Hovaloft
  • 0900 – Latest developments in demonstrating cause & effect in delay analysis – Tom Francis, Decipher
  • 0920 – Innovation in Construction Law: A panel discussion – Hannah McCarthy, 39 Essex Chambers and Mark Christie, Clarke Willmott
  • 1000 – Close and Networking

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