In this webinar, we joined the Construction Industry Federation for a look at construction contracts, disputes, adjudication and dispute avoidance in Ireland.

Introduction and background / discussion of CIF policy documents with by Sean Downey, CIF.

Bruno Herbots – Herbots Solicitors: Where are we now and what are our options?

  • Has adjudication been the panacea that it was hoped it would be in Ireland?
  • Where is conciliation now, and why might you choose conciliation over adjudication?
  • What about other options – dispute boards, early dispute avoidance?

Jamie Ritchie – LK Shields: A look at the recent court decisions relating to adjudication, and what they mean for future disputes.

  • What do the recent court decisions mean for the industry?
  • What are the implications of the recent court practice note – will we see quicker decisions?
  • How does adjudication fit with the CIF’s aims? What improvements are still needed for adjudication to be truly useful?

Bill Bordill – Decipher: A look at the key things people need to consider when preparing for adjudication or any form of dispute resolution.

  • The key elements of a claim – causation, effect, entitlement, substantiation.
  • What records should we be keeping and how?
  • What about technology? Should we be looking for technological solutions to assist with claim preparation and resolution?


The speakers for this event kindly provided some answers to the questions that came up in the panel discussion session. To download a copy of these answers, click here.