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Join Annie Clift as she talks to Tom Francis and Andy Dunbar of Decipher. The team discuss the history of delay analysis. This is the first of three podcasts focussing on the subject often referred to as the ‘dark art’.

In this episode, we look at the history of forensic construction delay analysis: Where did it start, and who invented it? Tom Francis, our lead delay expert, looks at the origins of delay analysis, and how it has evolved. What impact did the growth of the personal computer bring? How have things changed in the past twenty or thirty years.

We look at what has changed and improved as a result of improvements and changes in technology and how the methods of analysis developed. The team also examine whether delay analysis will ever become fully automatic. Will there be a time when we don’t need delay experts to understand where and how delay arose?

Join us for the next episode of the Decipher podcast next month, when we’ll be taking a look at the different methods of analysis. From as-built-but-for to time-impact analysis – what is the best method, and do the team have a preferred method of analysis? You’ll also find the Decipher podcast in your usual podcast sources, such as spotify and iTunes.