Project Controls

Project Planning

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, Franklin famously said. Project planning and scheduling are essential disciplines in the construction process. Sometimes referred to as scheduling, Decipher’s trained and experienced planners can make a difference between success and failure. Find out more about the way our team can help you.

Project Planning and Scheduling (Project Programming)
Decipher’s skilled planners and programmers can help you with planning on any construction project. We’ll work from initial feasibility assessments, to preparation of tender and contract programmes.

With any project, tasks need to be broken down into manageable groups. Schedules need to be updated regularly to reflect accurately the progress of the project. Properly managed, the programme will help you with management and cash flow of a project.

Once a project commences, we help you accurately monitor progress. Linking with trade and other contractor’s project plans, schedules and the cost plan, you’ll understand the effects of variations and delays. As a result you’ll be able to assess and demonstrate the responsibilities of each party. You’ll be able to ensure the programme is delivered on time and within budget. Where variations occur, accurate planning and costing is possible with a well-managed programme.

Contact us today to ensure your project keeps to plan and to budget.

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