Dispute Resolution


Expert Evidence & Opinion

Occasionally you may find yourself requiring an expert advisor or witness. If so, our knowledgeable and personable experts will deliver reports on quantum, time and programming.

We can call on a network of building surveying, professional negligence and technical experts to support you. Let us work with your legal and commercial teams to ensure a positive result and outcome. Whether drafting expert witness or expert advisory reports, our advice will be impartial and objective.

The delivery of expert reports requires current experience and sound knowledge. This needs to be combined with analytical skills, concise and clear report writing. All of which has to be delivered within tight time constraints.

Decipher experts also understand the importance of their role in acting independently and objectively for the court or tribunal. When appointing an expert you need confidence your expert understands their role and the processes involved – let us provide you with that confidence.

Our personable and approachable experts deliver clear, succinct reports. Whether assessing and reviewing disputes in matters of quantum or delay, we will work with you to achieve an accurate and impartial result to resolve the dispute as efficiently as possible.

The objective is to provide clear and unambiguous evidence for use in court, in arbitration or adjudication. Ideally when acting as expert witness or advisor, the quality of the evidence will bring clarity that can avoid the need for a formal dispute resolution process.

The expert team can also provide oral evidence clearly and robustly where needed. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you. Email info@decipher-group.com or call 01625 626200

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