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Expert Services

Party or Tribunal Appointed Experts

If you need expert advisor or expert witness support, we can help. You can bring our experts in early to act as expert advisors. We will guide your strategy and support your claims management. Or, we can provide individuals to act as expert witnesses, where fact-based impartial and objective evidence is required to assist a tribunal.

Current Expertise

You can benefit from the team’s many years spent working on live projects as both quantum and delay experts. Decipher are one of the few consulting firms who pride ourselves on regular work on live projects as well as retrospective forensic analysis for dispute resolution. Our experts are experienced and current, not just experts of what happened in the past.

This ensures we have up-to-date knowledge and awareness of the challenges you face on your projects. When working as experts, we recognise the importance of an impartial balanced expert opinion in accordance with the applicable rules relevant to the jurisdiction of the tribunal.

Bills of quantities remain the most transparent comparable method to achieve a level playing field in competitive tenders. We can help you produce and review bills of quantities. The team understand all common measurement protocols.

Quantum Experts

Get support from our construction quantum experts. Whether analysing cost for dispute resolution, expert evidence or simply to ensure your project is on track, our expert QS team will support you.

During a project, concerns are often raised about the accuracy of internal cost and contractual reporting. An objective overview from a contract and commercial expert will help.

Work with our experts to provide a snapshot of a project’s position. We will give your senior management confidence through a clear understanding of exactly what is going on and why.

Delay Experts

Retrospective delay analysis of construction programmes or schedules can aid dispute resolution. It can also help recover a live project and identify routes to project success.

Delay analysis is a skilled task, especially on complex projects. Our team have extensive expertise in forensic schedule analysis.

We work with all recognised forms of delay analysis. The method used depends upon the requirements of the project, the records and data available, and form of contract. It is critical to ensure any evidence presented is robust and stands up to examination.

Clear Advice

For any form of dispute resolution, a clear demonstration of cause and effect will be needed. The method of analysis, drafting and presentation of reports are all factors in this. Using the latest technology and awareness of current tribunal approaches, we ensure the evidence provided is clear and accurate.

We can support you through the process. We’ll help your teams identify where and why projects have been adversely impacted. If required, we can provide expert support. This may be as advisor or as party or tribunal appointed experts. When acting as experts we recognise the importance of impartial, objective advice.

Work with us to ensure a clear and objective forensic analysis that establishes the cause and effect of your dispute. Get in touch today. Call us on 01625 626 200 or email info@decipher-group.com.

Decipher delay and quantum experts resolving disputes.

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