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Dispute Resolution

Avoid and Resolve Construction Disputes

The construction industry can be an adversarial place. Even those who enter projects with the best of intentions can find themselves embroiled in dispute proceedings. Early advice can help you avoid and manage disputes. Our expert dispute resolvers can guide you through the complex processes.

Claims Management

A strategic claims management plan is often the best way to avoid disputes. A pro-active approach to claims will help you manage the process and mitigate the outcome.

Understanding your obligations and entitlements will lead to successful projects. Our claims management specialists can help you prepare your strategy and manage claims effectively. When change occurs, you’ll be in a better position to understand the time and cost implications. We guide and advise you as you take steps to mitigate against delays and cost overruns.

Litigation and Arbitration

Despite the best efforts of both parties, negotiated settlements cannot always be reached and formal disputes arise.

Sometimes, alternative dispute resolution procedures may not resolve a dispute. One, or both, of the parties may resort to litigation or arbitration. In such circumstances we work to support the legal team appointed by one of the parties.

We have experience of formal procedures including oral testimony in court. A technical input on quantum or delay may also be needed. Take a look at our expert services to see how we can help you as an expert advisor or expert witness.


Adjudication is a time-critical process. After serving a notice of adjudication, a strict timetable must be adhered to. There is no time to learn the process, you need efficiency and experience on your side.

Rest easy in the knowledge that the Decipher team has extensive experience in adjudication.  The team includes a practising adjudicator who is on the RICS President’s Panel of Construction Adjudicators. Let us guide you through the process to provide time-critical and practical support.


Mediation sees a third party engaged to assist parties in reaching an agreement. It is vital for parties to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions. You will no doubt need to compromise to reach an agreement. To achieve this, you should seek an impartial, non-emotional understanding of what to hold out for and when to give ground.

The Decipher team has represented parties in several mediations. These range from simple small-value disputes to complex high-value disputes. Let us work help you reach a successful outcome.

Expert Determination

Here, an independent expert is appointed by the parties to resolve a dispute. You and your team must understand the requirements of submissions, to put your position forward in the most compelling way.

Decipher’s qualified dispute resolvers are included on the Academy of Experts’ Register of Expert Determiners. Their input may be critical to the success of the outcome of your dispute.

Whatever the method, advice from the team will ensure you are in the strongest position possible. Get in touch to have a free initial discussion with a member of our team. Call 01625 626 200 or email info@decipher-group.com.


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