Dispute Resolution

Delay Analysis

. Programme Forensic Analysis

Retrospective delay analysis of programmes can help dispute resolution. It can also help to recover a live project and identify routes to project success.

Analysis is a skilled task, especially on complex projects. Our team have extensive expertise in forensic delay analysis. Whether using techniques such as time-impact analysis or comparing as-planned with as-built, our analysts can help you. Let us support you with accurate and independent advice.

We work with all recognised forms of delay analysis. The method used will depend upon the requirements of the project, the records and data available and form of contract used. Assessing the correct route to analysis of delay is a skill developed over many years. It is critical to ensure any evidence presented is robust and stands up to examination.

For any form of dispute resolution, a clear demonstration of cause and effect will be needed. The method of analysis, drafting and presentation of reports are all factors in this. Using the latest technology and awareness of current tribunal approaches, we ensure the evidence provided is clear and accurate.

We can support you through the process. We’ll help your teams identify where and why projects have been delayed. If required, we can provide expert support. This may be as advisor or as party or tribunal appointed experts. When acting as experts we recognise the importance of impartial, balanced advice.

Work with us for your forensic delay and disruption analysis. Ensure clear delay analyses that prove the cause and effect of delay. Get in touch today. Call us on 01625 626200 or email info@decipher-group.com.

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