Dispute Resolution

Quantum Experts

Project Forensic Analysis

Get support from our construction quantum experts. Whether analysing cost for dispute resolution, expert evidence or simply to ensure your project is on track.

Concerns are often raised about the accuracy of internal cost and contractual reporting. An objective overview from contract and commercial specialists can be a vital tool in assessing deviation from planned progress. Our quantum experts can also make recommendations on how to rectify any such deviations.

Work with our experts to provide a snapshot of a project’s position. We aim to give senior management confidence through a clear understanding of exactly what is going on and why.

We can also help with the preparation of quantum evidence of contractual entitlements including Scott Schedules. Allow Decipher’s team of experts to help assemble evidence in defence of contractual claims.

Dispute Resolution

If you need expert witness support, whether party or tribunal appointed, we can help. Our team have spent many years working both on live projects and as consultant experts. Decipher are one of the few consulting firms who pride ourselves on regular work on live projects as well as retrospective analysis for dispute resolution. This ensures we have current knowledge and awareness of the challenges you face on your projects.  When working as experts, we recognise the importance of an impartial balanced expert opinion.

Get in touch today and find out how our construction quantum experts and advice can support you. Call 01625 626200 or email info@decipher-group.com.

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