Contract drafting starts with a clear understanding of the objective and the desired outcomes for a project. Liabilities, obligations, responsibilities and allocation of risk are the key to all construction and engineering contracts. Do you understand where all your risks lie? Are you familiar with the full detail of the responsibilities you have under the contract?

Understanding risk in construction is crucial. Almost as important is the correct allocation to the party most able to manage risk. Because risk should be fairly and evenly distributed. Ensure the efficient allocation of risk and ensure project success with our support.

Make the most of Decipher’s detailed experience of:

  • Contract negotiation – we’ll support you in the negotiation process to ensure risks are managed correctly.
  • Guarantees and warranties – ensure guarantees are appropriate and fulfil contract requirements correctly.
  • Bonds and project finance agreements – get the best value and correct type of cover.
  • Collateral warranties – ensure consideration of risks across the project.
  • Contractor’s Design Portion elements – identify the risks and opportunities for delivering value.

With many years of experience in risk management, you can be certain our ‘fresh eyes’ will identify the risks you might have missed, thereby ensuring you can allocate them correctly.

Get the best support identifying where and by whom risk should be managed. Ensure your contract amendments are correctly drafted. Get in touch today.

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