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Simplifying the Complexities of Construction

Supporting You And Your Projects

Whether you need support with live projects or assistance avoiding or preparing for a claim, or whether you need an expert to provide evidence in a dispute resolution forum, Decipher can assist. From Expert QS, and delay analysis to project controls. Find out more about our service offerings.

Decipher - advisory, expert qs and construction delay experts.


Do you understand where all your risks lie and your precise contractual obligations? Find out how our advisory services can help you.

Quantity Surveying

The foundation of our business is strength in quantity surveying. Work with Decipher to make that strength the strength of your next project

Project Planning/Controls

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, Franklin famously said. Project planning and scheduling are essential disciplines in the construction process.

Dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

The construction industry can be an adversarial place. Early advice can help you avoid and manage disputes. Our expert dispute resolvers can guide you through the complex processes.


Expert Services

If you need expert advisor or expert witness support, whether party or tribunal appointed, we can help. You can bring our experts on board early to act as expert advisor.


Experienced construction professionals are in short supply. The success of your projects relies on the skills and expertise of your project team. Investing in their development should be a top priority.

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