Control time, cost, quality & safety

Our Skills and Experience

Most construction and engineering projects face challenges. Proper identification and management of risk is key to avoiding negative impact. However, due to the unique nature of each project, they can and do go wrong. Let us help you find paths through disputes to find positive, acceptable settlements.

If you need help clarifying entitlements and the contractual positions of parties, we can support you and your team. We can help with strategy advice, drafting of notices, expert witness support, reports and claim related documentation.

The Decipher business is focussed on three specialist areas:

  • Control your projects with the benefit of our experience in all aspects of construction and engineering projects (cost, time, quality & safety) and at all stages.
  • Manage and resolve any disputes whether litigation or some other dispute resolution process such as adjudication, arbitration or mediation.
  • Obtain training in specialist areas to upskill your team, so that in future you will place less reliance on consultant support.

What People Say About Us… Siemens

“...Decipher's communication, processes and quality are all very good.  Their people are very helpful, friendly and professional.”

Thomas BorehamProject Manager

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