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Decipher Consulting today celebrates turning 18 years. We’ve come a long way in that time. Here are few thoughts on the journey so far:

After leaving the famous (or is that infamous?) Pickavance Consulting in 2001, I thought I’d try setting up a small business. My father ran a modest construction business, so I had an idea of how challenging it could be. It was the sudden death of my brother on Christmas Eve 2000 that was the catalyst to me jumping off the cliff edge to set up Decipher. This allowed me to support the family and to come to terms with our desperate loss.

In those early days, we took up residence at offices at The Hertfordshire, a golf club in Hertfordshire. I love to play golf and this allowed me in the summer months on occasions to play 18 holes of golf before 8am, which was a great way to start the day.

Ups and Downs…

Anyone who’s tried to start their own business will know what a challenge it can be. Ups and downs, you win some, you lose some – it’s a roller-coaster. Add challenging clients and employees to the mix and sometimes you wonder why anyone gets out of bed in the morning. Those who know me will know I have always gone by the mantra, “what you put in, is what you take out”. So you will find me up and about at around 5 am every day ensuring that I maximise the day ahead.

After ten years down south, I decided to make the move back to the frozen north. Being a Macclesfield boy growing up and where my family were based, it felt right to move Decipher there.

It’s been a long path. We’ve trialled various ideas and enterprises. Some have worked, and some of them, not so much. We sponsored a stand for two years behind the goal of a league two football club. This was on the basis that it would give exposure to our brand as the football club was achieving great things which led to their promotion to league one. This was an expensive investment. Whilst it probably didn’t bring any work, we did appear on sky sports when the club played televised games. It was great to watch some real grassroots football.

The Industry and Decipher Today…

Construction is a great but challenging industry. We’re always the first to feel a recession and the last to escape. However, with the great leadership team we’ve got on board, we’re aiming to continue to grow organically and successfully. Bill leads the quantum and QS team and Tom heads up delay. We’re delighted to have Peter Wilkinson (formerly of Deloitte) as Non-Exec Director, developing new areas of business. We have an excellent management team, and of course, brilliant technical and support teams keeping the whole thing running.

We’re now developing the business into three core areas: Live project consulting and management, project advisory, and quantum/delay advocacy and expert witness.

We’ve opened a Manchester office and have a satellite base in London. Our clients are outstanding, they have some incredible projects around the country and the world which is all very exciting!

Huge and sincere thanks are due to all those who’ve supported and worked with us over the past eighteen years and to my wife and family. You’ve helped bring the business to the position it currently stands at today. Here’s to the next eighteen and whatever they might bring.