On 9th September 2020, we were joined by a host of experts including Helena White of barristers, Hardwicke, and Rupa Lakha of solicitors, Charles Russell. Our speakers included Bill Bordill and Andrew Naughton. The team examined the role of construction experts in the resolution of construction disputes.

What skills does an expert need? How is one defined? What about the extent of their knowledge? How are construction experts defined? How should they conduct themselves? What challenges do experts and their teams face?

The panel examine these questions and more in this brief webinar from Decipher Consulting.

The discussion covered significant cases and law, such as the ‘Ikarian Reefer’ and Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules, and their effect on the work of experts. Andrew Naughton looks at the complexity of supporting an expert in their work. Our legal experts discuss the need to allow time for managing documents and the administration of records such as appendices in preparing an expert report. They also look at the benefits of bringing in an expert earlier, rather than later in the dispute resolution process.

See our blog and expert services page for more details on how Decipher can support you, should you need an expert witness or expert advice to help resolve a dispute.

If you need help with the resolution of a complex construction dispute, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to helping you soon.