I spent last week at the CIOB Members Forum as chair of the Manchester Branch. It was fascinating to meet the leadership in the organisation and get involved in setting the agenda going forward.

The CIOB is the largest and one of the most influential professional bodies for construction management globally. Members forum aims to set the framework for tackling some of the most problematic issues inherent in the industry.


Quality (or lack of it) was at the heart of the discussion. The term ‘race to the bottom’ arose, in relation to the defective Scottish schools debacle as well as Grenfell. The CIOB has been leading the call for change as part of its Construction Quality Commission. A Code of Quality Management in the pipeline. The main focus is poorly constructed brick cavity walls and poor or non-existent fire-stopping. We anticipate legislative change in this area, placing responsibility on all members of the team.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Wellbeing of construction workers was discussed at length. The issue of modern slavery within UK construction is an issue that unfortunately still remains prevalent. The CIOB is currently sponsoring an excellent theatrical production on the issue. The performers are Justice in Motion. If they are presenting near you, then I highly recommend seeing this show.

Mental Health in construction is at the heart of new President, Professor Charles Egbu’s agenda. Charles’ blog highlights the issue and the effect it has on the industry as a whole. It also discusses the effect on recruitment of new people and millennials. We met with the excellent Mates in Mind. The charity focusses on improving mental well-being within the industry.

Join Us…

I left Members Forum enthused about the direction the CIOB is taking and the real impact the Institute is having on the industry at large. These challenges are represented at local level through a series of events. We would welcome you all to come along, and if in Manchester I look forward to seeing you there!

Tom Francis (Tom.Francis@decipher-group.com)