Director Bill Bordill Becomes First Member of Decipher Consulting Team Appointed to RICS President’s Panel List of Construction Adjudicators

Decipher is delighted to announce Bill Bordill’s appointment to the RICS panel of construction adjudicators. Having undertaken a number of roles as Adjudicator and a process of training, Bill joins a list of respected construction dispute resolvers.

RICS nominates Construction Adjudicators under the provisions of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, and also under contract. The majority of panel members are Chartered Surveyors. However, others are able to join the panel to enable RICS to make appropriate appointments.

The rigorous mentoring and induction process particularly impressed Bill. The process involved a number of tests and peer-reviewed decisions along with lengthy one-to-one mentoring. There was a process of familiarisation training and a panel interview, as well as checks for experience and knowledge of both construction and law.

Paul Gibbons, Founder and Managing Director of Decipher said:

“We would like to offer our congratulations to Bill on his acceptance. We join Bill in offering sincere thanks to all who have supported him through the process. This appointment marks another landmark in the progress of the business and our commitment to raising standards of dispute resolution in construction”.

Find out more about Bill Bordill here.