Power Stations

Established in 2001, we’ve grown gradually and organically thanks to a disciplined approach and a reputation for clarity and quality. We’re an owner-managed business with a dedicated team of enthusiastic construction experts keen to work with you. We have dedicated resources to meet your needs worldwide.

A world of expertise on demand
Decipher’s approach is to ensure that everyone you meet is capable and rigorously professional, yet friendly and open. You’ll be guaranteed a personal service with support from our skilled team. Each project we undertake is closely supervised by one of our directors, who will communicate with you regularly. Whether you need support with managing commercial risks or resolving a dispute; a delay or cost issue, we guarantee the right person for the job. We work in the Decipher Way and we are regulated by RICS.

Diversity is key at Decipher. We work on diverse projects, with diverse people in diverse locations. From commercial buildings in the Middle East, to power stations in Europe, we value the diverse insights and experiences of our team. It’s just one of the strengths that means we’re more than capable of supporting your needs.


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