Project Controls

Quantity Surveying

One of the foundations of our business is strength in quantity surveying. Work with us to ensure that becomes the strength of your next project. Our team of QS’s have worked on all types of projects around the world. We’re guaranteed to have the right person for you.

With complex projects and multiple contracts, change and delay arise for any number of reasons. Hardly surprising then, that disputes arise, even on the best-managed projects. By obtaining good advice you can resolve, or even avoid disputes entirely.

Work with our commercial team to manage contract risks, accurately prepare and procure contracts and conclude final account negotiations.

Cost Planning & Procurement
Often cost planning is carried out retrospectively against a design already sold to a client. This may lead to disappointment from “value engineering”, poor procurement or a reduction in quality. Cost planning at design stage ensures a cost plan integral to the design. With Decipher’s extensive knowledge and construction supply chain connections, you can be sure of informed decisions in planning and procurement.

A clear and appropriate procurement strategy is essential when delivering a complex construction project. Accurate identification of risk and apportionment to the right teams for effective control is crucial. We’ll ensure risks are correctly managed to achieve your project goals.

Bills of Quantities remain the most transparent and readily comparable methods to provide a level playing-field in competitive tenders. We can help you produce and review Bills of Quantities under SMM, NRM, CESMM or any other measurement protocol.

Cost Management
Whatever the cause of change on a project, our professionals understand the importance of good cost management advice. We’ll give you information to make effective proactive decisions. A key indicator of success is an ability to provide accurate contemporaneous cost management throughout a project. Shifts in cash flow forecasts can also identify delays to the programme. Let us help you identify and manage cost risks efficiently.

Final Account Preparation
Final account resolution can become protracted. This is particularly true where contract variations or extensions of time haven’t been agreed as the project is progressed. It can become highly analytical, with problems exacerbated where project staff are no longer available to explain events, and because no two final accounts are the same.  Let us help you negotiate final accounts sensitively to preserve and enhance commercial relationships.

Bank & Fund Monitoring
Banks and other project funders need to have certainty their investment is being managed effectively. That requires tight controls on projects to ensure cost, quality and time are being controlled. We can structure a reporting system to meet funders requirements, capturing key project aspects and risks. We can report in any required format, highlighting divergence from the planned works.

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